11822330_10205997688916200_9094874045406430875_n(2)Hi! My name is Mandy.

I am a mother, a wife, Jesus follower, and wanna be DIYer! We love to travel and spend time with our family.


I am married to my best friend, the most amazing man I know. A man that never ceases to amaze me. He loves hunting, fishing, and well that’s about it.



2532_1230994800249656_138598080960917942_n (2)


God blessed me 16years ago with the most beautiful and kind hearted daughter there is. She can be a pain in my butt but she is and always will be my Lil Girl.



And Bandit, can’t forget about our one and only Son! This pup here has taught me so much patience! Lol. He is the most loving and loyal guy EVER.


 I am new to the blogging world and hoping to really enjoy it.

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