Body before Fertility drugs..

The day I found out I was pregnant I immediately starting worrying about weight gain. Anyone who remembers what happened when I was pregnant with Cheyanne will know why! However I got pretty lucky with Wyatt. I gained the normal amount needed. I didn’t stress too much throughout my pregnancy after that initial “holy shit you better not get 200lbs again” thought. I weighed around 125-130 before we started our IVF Jouney. I was warned about the weight gain throughout IVF. I gained about 10-15lbs. The day I found out I was pregnant I weighed 138lbs. It had fluctuated between 135-145 pretty much throughout the whole process. I weighed 176lbs the day I went in to have Wyatt. I got to 145lbs almost within weeks. So I had gotten back down to pretty much prebaby weight but definitely not prefertility drug weight! I told myself the day I come home that I was not going to beat myself up over it, nor was I going to jump on some crazy diet and workout routine. I still feel this way. I am going to eat healthy and workout daily. If some days I don’t, then it is what it is. I will enjoy my newfound 15lbs and enjoy my new life along the way. Will I lose it? Hell yea. Will it take me more than a couple months? Of course. I know being 35 and this being my second cesarean that isn’t going to be a cake walk. I have carried around a “c-section tummy” for 16 years, I hate it but I knew there was no point in getting a tummy tuck until after I was done having babies. We aren’t done so that will continue to be postponed. 🙂 I have changed how I eat and have joined Kick Boxing! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I go three days a week and will workout at home the other days. I have truly enjoyed getting back out and sweating. I may look like a total dork trying to do frog crawls nor can I do a proper push up, but I don’t care. This is MY Journey. I laugh at myself and I’m sure they laugh at me. Oh well. LOL. You guys should have seen me at my first and LAST Cycle class. Now that was hilarious. I hated it. I will never go back. My butt still hurts and I did it on Tuesday. Props to all you guys that love it. I will stick to my Cross Ramp for cardio.

So I will end with this. Do not let society make you think that you have to be like the abnormal Moms out there who get their body back within days without a single stretch mark. Those Moms are weird. They aren’t normal. 🙂 Just kidding, they aren’t weird but they are definitely not normal. Be happy with your new found body and embrace it. We got a new tiny human to worry about. We have a new life to adjust to. Once that is done, then focus on getting your body back at your own pace. Not what everyone else thinks the pace should be.



Getting Started!

Well I have decided that I want to blog. There are many things I have learned over the past few years and one of them and probably the most important is, talk about it! Many times in our lives we feel like we have no one to talk to about certain topics or situations. While that may be true,  there is probably someone out there who may be interested in what you want to talk about. Why not blog and try to reach that person? Maybe, just maybe someone will read it and understand exactly what you are going through or even just knowing that you said it and didn’t keep it all bottled up will make you feel so much better. Either way, you took that step!

So here is my step, here is the start of my new journey.

Hope you enjoy 🙂